Pediatric & Children’s Dentistry

At Meridian Dental Care, we offer our dental services to your entire family, including your children! With nearly 30 years of pediatric dental experience and three kids of his own, Dr. Miller has provided dental care to children of all ages. Our pediatric service is focused on preventative care to ensure the best future oral hygiene possible.

It is our goal to ensure your child has the best experience each and every visit and we strive to make it a fun, comfortable atmosphere during the entire visit. Contact us today to discuss treatment options for your child and to schedule an appointment!

Prevention is a key feature in dentistry for children – regular cleanings and checkups are crucial. We regularly use fluoride varnish to help strengthen teeth, which is five times stronger than the old tray/gel methods while a much easier solution for children. We use sealants on teeth susceptible to cavities. Minimal x-rays are used to screen for decay and development.

Did you know that the old method of poking at the nooks and crannies of teeth with a sharp explorer to find cavities is only correct 25% of the time? We could flip a coin and be twice as accurate. Thank goodness that we have new laser technology that is over 90% accurate in diagnosing early decay for your child’s oral health. As in most things, the earlier you can treat something, the less complicated and costly it will ultimately be.

The goal of children’s dentistry is to allow your child’s permanent, adult teeth to erupt in their proper place to give your child a healthy, attractive, lifelong smile. We monitor the eruption of your child’s teeth not just to make sure that they are straight, but to make sure that they function correctly and will give them a lifelong of service.

One of the big issues that we also watch is that your child’s face and airway develop properly. Have you noticed the almost epidemic increase in children being diagnosed with ADHD? Many of these children really have a disordered breathing issue that can be found and fixed by dentists. Does your child snore or grind his or her teeth at night? They may have a problem that we can solve.

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Did you know nearly 20% of children between the ages of 2 and 18 have untreated cavities that can cause permanent damage? Don't let that happen to your child, schedule an appointment today!
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